hava kuvvetleri askeri personel merkezi

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hava kuvvetleri askeri personel merkezi
air force military personnel centre
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Phonetic: "/ˈɛə/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: The substance constituting earth's atmosphere, particularly:

Example: I'm going outside to get some air.

Definition: (usually with the) The apparently open space above the ground which this substance fills, formerly thought to be limited by the firmament but now considered to be surrounded by the near vacuum of outer space.

Example: The flock of birds took to the air.

Definition: A breeze; a gentle wind.

Definition: A feeling or sense.

Example: to give it an air of artistry and sophistication

Definition: A sense of poise, graciousness, or quality.

Definition: (usually in the plural) Pretension; snobbishness; pretence that one is better than others.

Example: putting on airs

Definition: A song, especially a solo; an aria.

Definition: Nothing; absence of anything.

Definition: An air conditioner or the processed air it produces.

Example: Could you turn on the air?

Definition: Any specific gas.

Definition: (motor sports) A jump in which one becomes airborne.

Definition: A television or radio signal.

Definition: Publicity.

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Phonetic: "/ˈɛə/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To bring (something) into contact with the air, so as to freshen or dry it.

Definition: To let fresh air into a room or a building, to ventilate.

Definition: To discuss varying viewpoints on a given topic.

Definition: To broadcast (a television show etc.).

Definition: To be broadcast.

Example: This game show first aired in the 1990s and is still going today.

Definition: To ignore.

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Phonetic: "/fɔːs/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: Strength or energy of body or mind; active power; vigour; might; capacity of exercising an influence or producing an effect.

Example: the force of an appeal, an argument, or a contract

Definition: Power exerted against will or consent; compulsory power; violence; coercion.

Definition: Anything that is able to make a substantial change in a person or thing.

Definition: A physical quantity that denotes ability to push, pull, twist or accelerate a body and which has a direction and is measured in a unit dimensioned in mass × distance/time² (ML/T²): SI: newton (N); CGS: dyne (dyn)

Definition: Something or anything that has the power to produce a physical effect upon something else, such as causing it to move or change shape.

Definition: A group that aims to attack, control, or constrain.

Example: police force

Definition: The ability to attack, control, or constrain.

Example: show of force

Definition: A magic trick in which the outcome is known to the magician beforehand, especially one involving the apparent free choice of a card by another person.

Definition: Legal validity.

Example: The law will come into force in January.

Definition: Either unlawful violence, as in a "forced entry", or lawful compulsion.

Definition: Ability of an utterance or its element (word, form, prosody, ...) to effect a given meaning.

Definition: (with the, often capitalized) A metaphysical and ubiquitous power from the fictional Star Wars universe created by George Lucas. See usage note.

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Phonetic: "/fɔːs/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To violate (a woman); to rape.

Definition: To exert oneself, to do one's utmost.

Definition: To compel (someone or something) to do something.

Definition: To constrain by force; to overcome the limitations or resistance of.

Definition: To drive (something) by force, to propel (generally + prepositional phrase or adverb).

Definition: To cause to occur (despite inertia, resistance etc.); to produce through force.

Example: The comedian's jokes weren't funny, but I forced a laugh now and then.

Definition: To forcibly open (a door, lock etc.).

Example: To force a lock.

Definition: To obtain or win by strength; to take by violence or struggle; specifically, to capture by assault; to storm, as a fortress.

Definition: To create an out by touching a base in advance of a runner who has no base to return to while in possession of a ball which has already touched the ground.

Example: Jones forced the runner at second by stepping on the bag.

Definition: (whist) To compel (an adversary or partner) to trump a trick by leading a suit that he/she does not hold.

Definition: To put in force; to cause to be executed; to make binding; to enforce.

Definition: To provide with forces; to reinforce; to strengthen by soldiers; to man; to garrison.

Definition: To allow the force of; to value; to care for.

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Phonetic: "/fɔːs/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: (law enforcement) Any police organization; a constabulary.

Example: He joined the police force a long time ago, when he lived in Virginia.

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Phonetic: "/ˈmɪl.ɪ.tɹi/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: Armed forces.

Example: He spent six years in the military.

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Phonetic: "/ˈmɪl.ɪ.tɹi/"

Part Of Speech: adjective

Definition: Characteristic of members of the armed forces.

Example: She was dishonorably discharged from all military duties.

Definition: Relating to armed forces such as the army, marines, navy and air force (often as distinguished from civilians or police forces).

Example: If you join a military force, you may end up killing people.

Definition: Relating to war.

Definition: Relating to armies or ground forces.

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Phonetic: "/-el/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: Employees; office staff.

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Phonetic: "/ˈsen.tə(ɹ)/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: The point in the interior of a circle that is equidistant from all points on the circumference.

Definition: The point in the interior of a sphere that is equidistant from all points on the circumference.

Definition: The middle portion of something; the part well away from the edges.

Definition: The point on a line that is midway between the ends.

Definition: The point in the interior of any figure of any number of dimensions that has as its coordinates the arithmetic mean of the coordinates of all points on the perimeter of the figure (or of all points in the interior for a center of volume).

Definition: The subgroup (respectively, subring), denoted Z(G), of those elements of a given group (respectively, ring) G that commute with every element of G.

Definition: A place where the greater part of some function or activity occurs.

Example: shopping center, convention center, civic center, garment center, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Rockefeller Center

Definition: A topic that is particularly important in a given context.

Example: the center of attention

Definition: A player in the middle of the playing area

Definition: A player who can go all over the court, except the shooting circles.

Definition: A pass played into the centre of the pitch.

Definition: One of the backs operating in a central area of the pitch, either the inside centre or outside centre.

Definition: A temporary structure upon which the materials of a vault or arch are supported in position until the work becomes self-supporting.

Definition: One of the two conical steel pins in a lathe, etc., upon which the work is held, and about which it revolves.

Definition: A conical recess or indentation in the end of a shaft or other work, to receive the point of a center, on which the work can turn, as in a lathe.

Definition: The ensemble of moderate or centrist political parties.

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Phonetic: "/ˈsen.tə(ɹ)/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To cause (an object) to occupy the center of an area.

Example: He centered the heading of the document.

Definition: To cause (some attribute, such as a mood or voltage) to be adjusted to a value which is midway between the extremes.

Definition: To give (something) a central basis.

Definition: To concentrate on (something), to pay close attention to (something).

Example: The discussion centered around the recent issues.

Definition: To form a recess or indentation for the reception of a center.

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